Sacred Cows Sanctuary *

            The One-Word Solution
               to ALL the World's Problems"


We are a family who unknowingly rented a house
right in the middle of a cow farm 16 years ago!

We fell in love with each and every mommy cow
and their precious babies.  
We realized how much they needed our Help,
our Interventions, our Loving Friendship and our Protection.

From that beginning so long ago, Sacred Cows Sanctuary was born.
We devote our lives to their care.

This became our Passion and our Sacred Mission.

We Watch over them, Take Care of them and Protect them
Every Single Day.
We Make Sure we give them what they need to be
Happy, Healthy and Safe.

Daily, we give them nutritional foods, fresh water,
the often-needed emotional or medical interventions,  
and the social environments they thrive within,
including a very close relationship with us. 
But most importantly,
we intensely Protect them from any and all harm.

   Please enjoy some of our pictures,
which tell a story of Love,
simple Love.

Join your Hearts with Ours.
Make Loving and Caring for others
your Passion and Mission too!

All Blessings To You!


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